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The new progressive rock album "Flow Of Time"

Albumcover Flow Of Time

UEBERSCHAER’s first progressive rock concept album with 12 brand new tracks

With his producer and guitarist Axel Köhnken and the brilliant musicians Adam Holzman – Keys (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson), Lars Lehmann – Bass (UFO, Simon Phillips, Jimmy Keegan, Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth) and Kristof Hinz – Drums (Till Brönner, Mousse T, Marla Glen) and the guest musicians Martin Schnella, Lennart Hinz and Rainald Menges UEBERSCHAER presents an exciting and varied album for the proghead.

„Flow Of Time“ has been released physically and digitally.

From the upcoming progressive rock album "Flow Of Time"

Previous releases (Art Rock)

With the first three EP’s UEBERSCHAER has produced and released a total of 16 songs under his name with Axel Köhnken and Rainald Menges. Under the working title „The Thursday Project“ they have spent many evening hours, mostly Thursdays, but not always, tweaking the tracks.

Musically, these 16 songs are characterized by influences from art rock & progressive rock, jazz, pop and classical music. Even though these pieces are „pop music length“ works, they are created from an attitude of curiously bringing together a wide variety of elements and genres and can therefore be described as progressive in this broader sense.

Thus, with regard to composition, the aim was to peel out, free of current trends in popular music, something that could be called the timeless essence of music from the 70s and 80s, which was not produced for the charts per se, but had itself as its purpose.

The result is the three exciting EPs „First“ (2016), „Bowie“ (2017) and „Back?“ (2018).

In contrast to the music, the song lyrics are fed from current events and socially relevant topics or from personal experiences of UEBERSCHAER.

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