Progressive Rock Concept Album „FLOW OF TIME“

Flow Of Time 2022

Released on 18.02.2022 (Digital) & on 25.02.2022 (CD)

Albumcover Flow Of Time

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All songs written and composed by Heiko Ueberschaer
Produced by Axel Köhnken
Mixed by Axel Köhnken
Mastering by Friedemann Tischmeyer
Cover design: Tom Ohlrogge

The musicians involved:

All keyboards by Adam Holzman recorded in his „Secret Laboratories“.
Vocals and other synths recorded by Heiko Ueberschaer
Guitars recorded by Axel Köhnken
Basses recorded by Lars Lehmann
Drums recorded by Kristof Hinz

Other musicians:
Martin Schnella (acoustic guitar), Lennart Hinz (Hammond and Moog), Rainald Menges (synth solo).

UEBERSCHAER: „When the idea came up to tell a love story with highs and lows in the context of a progressive rock album, both my parents were still alive.

The story told in the album is purely fictional, yet the passing of both parents in recent years has nevertheless brought a more personal and emotional touch to the realization of the album, especially because the story is also about two deaths.“


01. Heaven’s Gate I – Memorial

02. Heaven’s Gate II – Wanderlust

03. Heaven’s Gate III -Neverland 

04. Togetherness

05. Nightmare

06. Addiction

07. Halloween

08. Crime

09. Dreamer

10. Despair

11. Metamorphosis

12. Me And You In The Rain