About me

„I study trends curiously, but without following them. I love music when it moves beyond clichés. I am very open-minded and hungry.

I don’t have to try to reinvent music with every chord, but I strive to constantly improve and develop. I compose because I can explore and discover. I can conquer new worlds, express and create feelings and juggle with tones and sounds.

The lyrics are often inspired by my own experiences, but can also be based on current affairs. I prefer to write about ambivalent experiences, e.g. about the feeling of separation, loss, melancholy and indifference or about delicate issues like gambling addiction or fanaticism. I’m more concerned with the in-betweens, the many possible gradations of grey, than black and white.“

With the producer team „The Thursday Project“ I have already released the EP’s „First“, „Bowie“ and „Back?“ digitally. The concept album „FLOW OF TIME“, produced with Axel Köhnken,  was released physically and digitally in february 2022.



Pressefoto UEBRSCHAER 2021