From the Year 2018 – the EP „Back?“


Back? / EP 2018

Cover Album Back

About Back? (2018)"

In these turbulent times, one or the other would like to return, perhaps back to childhood, back to youth or to another decade. Unfortunately that is impossible, even if you really want to!

The first song on the EP Back (2018)  „The Eighties“ was inspired by a class reunion. Cause being faced with that reunion, I returned to school in my imagination – all the good and bad memories. But as you might expect, I quickly realised that no one stops the wheel of time. But the music, the songs of that time, stay with you all your life.

In the age of the internet, we are flooded with information. Mostly it is bad news or misinformation…. lately this is the so-called FAKE-NEWS. So this „news“ creates a mood of fear and threat so that many would rather turn back the wheel of history. Believe me: going back is not the way. This panic that takes over in the mind is what the song „Success Of The Dark“ describes.

Because I see time and again how young women in particular often use chemical products completely uncritically in order to look beautiful, I sometimes wonder what’s going on inside them. „Sophistication“ tells the story of a young woman who has learned to adapt to this obsession with perfection, but occasionally finds that she has strayed far from the dreams of her childhood.

When I think of the revolutionary spirit I started with as a young adult and then was simply seized by the compulsion of the system – money had to be made – I guess it would only be „Raging Dreams“ in retrospect.

When I write from the perspective of a young refugee, I am figuratively referring to the refugee in each of us. Some flee violence, war and hunger, others flee feelings and perceptions of what is. These two sides or types of flight are the themes of „The King Of The Crown“.

Videos Back / 2018

The King of the crown

Success of the dark

The eighties